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Denver Days 2010 was a huge success!  We had rain the first of the week and on Wednesday, but the weekend was perfect for a county fair!

The rides were rained out Wednesday, open and busy Thursday night, then the vendors moved in Friday morning and transformed the land into the 8th Annual Denver Days.  For food, you could choose anything from Lakeshore BBQ to Sagebrush burgers and everything in between.  My son, Andrew just had to get a turkey leg when he and his girlfriend, Whitney came over for lunch; we wondered just how huge that turkey had to be!  Webbs Chapel Church did their Saturday fish fry, bringing 500 lbs. of fish and that evening, had only 30 left. I think it worked out well for them!

The Denver area businesses were represented, from the real estate and insurance folks and many more.  Lincoln County Extension came and I saw Kevin Starr cutting up samples of Lincoln County apples all day long.  Jewelry was available, pocketbooks, face painting, things to hang on your wall and plenty for everyone to find something they like!

We did free photos and had a backdrop of hay bales, pumpkins, mums and a small scarecrow.  I think there was a family sitting there posing for a photo just about all the time!  Nicole told me about one family who had their Denver Days photo taken a few years ago at our booth and wanted an updated one; the other one was still on the refrigerator!

Entertainment offered something for everyone, from local dance groups, singers and bands to Dogwood, a local band who sounded to me like they were ready to break out; really good sound!  Friday night, the Craig Woolard Band treated the crowd to a two-hour show, with hits from beach to a song from Journey, country, and ended with “Shout” to get the crowd on its feet.  Craig played in the rain last year and was happy to come back!

We did have one new addition this year, with the Denver’s Got Talent” competition and Melissa Lasarsky did a great job with this promotion!  The top 10 performed on the Sally’s YMCA stage Friday evening and then the final 4 came back Saturday.  The winner of the competition, Aaron Council was announced on the big stage and sang for us Saturday just before the Chairmen of the Board took the stage.

I heard great comments about how organized Denver Days 2010 was, and that’s a huge credit both to the Denver Lake Norman Rotary Club and to the previous Denver Days folks who worked so tirelessly through the years to make this festival happen.  With a 50 person club to draw on for manpower, and guidance from those who worked with Denver Days from the beginning, we made it through the transition year.

Linda and I walked through the midway Saturday night and looked at the families, the kids and adults playing the games, waiting in line and riding the rides and I just thought, “Can you believe we have something like this in Denver?”  Thanks to those who had the vision back in 2003 and those who have worked through the years to keep this festival going.  The Rotary Club is committed to keeping Denver Days a part of our community and using the funds generated to build our community park which will, in turn become the permanent home of Denver Days.

On Friday night, I got an email from Pam Orndoff, who told me about coming last year, parking and buying tickets only to have the rides closed due to rain.  Pam is a grandmother and raising her two grandsons.  She had bought $45 worth of tickets and wondered if they could be honored.  Cole Amusements said her tickets were good and she wrote me the nicest email Saturday night when she got home from Denver Days.

“Hey Bob.  Thank you!  The kids and I had a great time at Denver Days.  We were so blessed, we were able to use our tickets from last year and as we entered the park some people were leaving and handed us some left over tickets they did not use.  We worked in the yard first thing in the morning, so late afternoon we went to the fair.  By the time we were leaving we did get to stop at your booth and we were sorry we did not get to meet you.  But to our surprise some nice lady took our picture which was a nice way to end our evening.  The kids are fast asleep and both children said they had a wonderful time.  You couldn’t have asked for a prettier day.  Thanks to all who made Denver Days happen in our community of Denver.”

See you at Denver Days 2011.

Bob Hecht


Special Needs Kids Day a Success at Denver Days   Leave a comment

It really was a special afternoon, the kids and parents enjoyed their own time for the rides and not having to fight the crowds.  Nicole and I love kids and were blessed for the opportunity to sponsor the Special Needs Kids Day at Denver Days.  After spending a couple hours seeing the smiles, we are on board for next year!

The original day was planned for Wednesday September 30th from 1 to 3 PM. However with the rain on Tuesday it just was too wet and unfortunately we had to move it back a day.  Those who came on Thursday were happy!  We had one glitch when the huge generator truck that powers the rides would not start, but a couple new batteries from down the road, and we were going, just a little late.

Nicole was checking in and giving out the tokens for food and drink and told me the stories later.  One family said their child was so looking forward to riding the Ferris wheel, because they could not take him to a fair, other than this one event.  He was so excited!  Nicole had a call at the office earlier in the week from a mother of a 13 year old boy with autism and just wanted to say thank you, because he had never ridden any rides and could not, except for this event.

Talk about just feeling like you made a difference!  For the past 5 years, through the real estate company and development company, I have sponsored the Friday and Saturday night bands.  The attendance at Denver Days has increased and I know you have enjoyed bands from Marshall Tucker and Atlanta Rhythm section to Band of Oz and The Craig Woolard Band, but the satisfaction and the feeling from being involved with Nicole in sponsoring the Special Needs Kids Day far outweighs anything else with Denver Days!

Special Needs Kids Day 2011?  You can count on us being involved, starting to work on it months in advance and including as many kids as possible!  The smiles were worth it!

Bob & Nicole

Denvers Got Talent Winner   Leave a comment

Arron Council  is the winner of Denver’s First Denvers Got Talent. 

……..Thanks for coming to Denver Days 2010 and we hope you come see us in 2011! 

Denvers Got Talent Top 4 acts revealed!   Leave a comment

Top Four Acts Revealed in Denvers Got Talent 2010.  (in random order) The Crowes,  Morgan Johnson, Arron Council,  Dillon Hoare. See them perform today at 5 pm at Denver Days