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Denver Days 2013 One of the Best Yet!   Leave a comment

denver-days-2013Denver Days 2013 ended Saturday night, and I think this has to be one of the best yet!  The crowds were large Wednesday and Thursday evenings for the students to pay one price and ride all night long!  The Denver Lake Norman Rotary Club sponsors Denver Days, and had a fund-raising cookout – must have been decent food since we sold out both nights!

We had good music all three nights and for those who had not heard Jim Quick and Coastline (Saturday night), they were treated to some awesome music and a great show by Jim!  Gonna have to have them back at a future Denver Days!  Thank you also to Chosen Rejects, Treehouse and Bob May for great music and entertainment.


This was the 11th annual Denver Days, and the Denver Days Board looks for suggestions to make 2014 even better.  Suggestions come from the Board and from the Rotary Club, and we would love suggestions from you!  Anything you feel should be continued, anything you feel should be started or stopped or any changes please let us know.  You can post or email


The Denver Lake Norman Rotary Club has managed Denver Days for the last 3 years, with 100% of the net revenue going directly to the “East Lincoln Rescue Park” and we should be ready to have a ground breaking for the park toward the end of this year or the first of 2014.  By coming and having fun at Denver Days, you are helping the park construction!  Now, isn’t that a great deal?


Thanks to everyone who came and had a good time.  Thanks for the Special Needs Kids who had a great time Thursday afternoon.  Thanks to the bands, all the vendors and businesses, the sponsors, advertisers and all the volunteers who made this happen!


It’s time to start planning for 2014, and time for your suggestions.  We would love to hear from y

Special Needs Kids Day is coming to Denver Days!   Leave a comment

Mark your calendar for Thursday, September 29th from 1 to 3 PM for the “Special Needs Kids Day” special time at Denver Days.  For you, your parents or guardians and your brothers or sisters, Denver Days will be open with rides free of charge and food/drink and a great time!


This event has been held annually at Denver Days and this year will be sponsored again by The Hecht Team, Bob Hecht and Nicole Hecht, Realtors with Coldwell Banker United at Lake Norman.  When talking about the Special Needs Kids Day last year, Nicole Hecht said “just seeing the kids and the smiles on their faces made this all worthwhile last year and we really look forward to the 2011 event.”  Nicole continued “the parents each told us how happy they were that this time was set aside for them, and that they did not feel comfortable taking their child to Denver Days or any county fair with rides, when there is a crowd.  This afternoon gives them the time and space and the kids love the rides.”


If you have interest in attending the Special Needs Kids Day, please visit and click on the “Special Needs Kids Day” button for the flyer and information.  For any questions or to confirm your attendance please email


Denver Days Denver NC announces an increase in rides for 2010   Leave a comment

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Working with Cole Amusements of Virginia, the Denver Days Board is making sure that Denver Days 2010 should be more exciting for those who love to ride! Normally, Cole has two events to supply rides, but this year Denver Days 2010 will be the ONLY event for Cole so instead of just 10 rides, we will have more for our kids and those adults who think they are kids!


Bud Tschudin, president of Denver Days 2010 announced that the following rides have been booked:


For those of us who think we can really “tough it out”, we have these rides











Bud continued “Since Denver Days has been carefully constructed for all ages, we have worked with Cole to be sure we have equal ride choices for young people as well as older and for the younger ones, we have booked the following rides”











“We think Denver Days 2010 is going to be the most exciting Denver Days since the festival started in 2003.  This is a great event to bring the community together for four days of rides, food and fun.  You get to see your neighbors and visit, enjoy some great food, enjoy the entertainment and help our Rotary Club build your park.  Come visit Denver Days.”


For more information, visit


Denver Days Denver NC General Johnson and Chairmen of the Board to play Saturday Night Concert   Leave a comment

General Johnson and The Chairmen of the Board will be the hit band for Denver Days 2010 in Denver NC, appearing Saturday, October 2nd at 8:00 PM.

Nearly 40 years after crashing onto the pop and soul charts with the hit “Give Me Just a Little More Time,” the Chairmen of the Board continue to defy gravity, regularly playing to sellout crowds and recording while many of their early 70’s R&B peers have long since left the music industry.  Two decades ago, they became the face of Carolina Beach Music, a rollicking brand of music that mirrors the feel-good R&B of the 60’s and early 70’s and they have ridden the wave they created to continued success.

The Chairmen have recorded such sing-along songs as “Dangling on a String,” “Patches” and of course we know all the “Carolina Girls” will be in the audience when they hit the stage!

Denver Days 2010 marks the 7th anniversary of the festival started in 2003 by a group of community-minded individuals who envisioned an annual festival to bring the eastern Lincoln County community together for rides and a fund-raiser.  This year, the Denver Lake Norman Rotary Club has assumed responsibility and all proceeds will be used toward creation of the “East Lincoln Rescue Park.”

Come out to Denver Days, September 29 – October 2nd, have a great time, help us build your park and listen to General Johnson and The Chairmen of the Board!  Best of all, the concert is free of charge, just a $10 parking donation. For location and other details, visit

Denver Days in Denver NC welcomes The Craig Woolard Band to play Friday Night Free Concert   Leave a comment

Craig Woolard Band is coming to Denver Days in Denver NC to play free Concert.  After twenty-seven years as the lead singer of The Embers, Craig Woolard has brought his huge following to his own band, and playing your beach music favorites and more as The Craig Woolard Band.  Friday night, October 1st at 8:00 PM, Craig and his band will be taking the stage at Denver Days 2010 to once again give the Denver Days crowd a great show.  Craig was here in 2009 in the rain and was fantastic; we can only imagine how terrific he will be in dry weather!

Craig has been in the music business since he was 14 and has been on stage with The Four Tops, The Temptations, The Beach Boys, Archie Bell and Alabama.  For the past two years, he has hosted the annual Carolina Beach Music Awards and is currently working with Petty Enterprises to produce a Beach Music CD to benefit the Victory Junction Camp.

Denver Days 2010 marks the 7th anniversary of the festival started in 2003 by a group of community-minded individuals who envisioned an annual festival to bring the eastern Lincoln County community together for rides and a fund-raiser.  This year, the Denver Lake Norman Rotary Club has assumed responsibility and all proceeds will be used toward creation of the “East Lincoln Rescue Park.”

Bob Hecht

Denver Days in Denver NC promoted by Denver Lake Norman Rotary   Leave a comment

Denver Days is being promoted by Denver Lake Norman Rotary Club to benefit The East Lincoln Rescue Park.

Growing from the 2003 vision of just a handful of community-minded folks, Denver Days 2010 brings a four day festival to the area and an event that we look forward to every year.  Denver Days offers great rides for the kids and adults, plus crafts and other vendors, area businesses, food, music and entertainment.

This year, the Denver Lake Norman Rotary Club (Rotary) has assumed management of Denver Days, with all proceeds going toward the building of the “East Lincoln Rescue Park” so come help us support the park!  The park will be built on 32 acres of land, and information on our project may be found at

The Rotary Club is very active in the eastern Lincoln County area, hosting the foster kids “Day at the Lake”, working on the new park project and proud to have started a Junior Achievement project on the local level, as well as taking on Denver Days.  In addition, the club has been involved in several international projects.  For information on our Rotary Club, please visit the website above.

East Lincoln Rescue Park

From 1977 through June 2009, the East Lincoln Rescue Squad provided valuable medical and rescue services to the citizens of eastern Lincoln County.  These volunteers worked tirelessly and gave their time for training, answering emergency calls during the day and at all hours, and gave of themselves for our benefit.

When Lincoln County did not renew the emergency services contract for the rescue squad, the squad decided that the community who supported the organization through the years should be the beneficiary.  All equipment and vehicles was distributed through to emergency organizations within the county.  The building and land was donated to the Denver Lake Norman Rotary Club Foundation, and through and agreement with Lincoln County, the Rotary Club’s non-profit foundation has leased 32 acres of land to create the “East Lincoln Rescue Park”.

After a year in the planning, we are moving forward with our preliminary plan to bring soccer, playgrounds, disc golf, walking and much more to the area.  The objective of Rotary is to have a park for our residents open within 2 years.

To learn more, please visit

Bob Hecht